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Recently, a Watermill was invented by Jonathan Ritchey. This Watermill will be used to convert air into water for the consumption of people.

Although the inventor had the goal of an invention that will provide households that are interested more in eco-friendly water as an alternative to other sources of water, especially bottled water, it can be used for whoever prefers to have clean water at affordable price.

The Watermill absorbs air and converts it to water when its water vapour allows it to condense.

This new innovation will definitely enjoy wide acceptance by people considering the need of millions of people for clean water. To achieve the goal of getting it to these millions of people, the company may need to consider the option of outsourcing its marketing to a competent marketing agency.

Why should it outsource the marketing of the product?

Cost effective: This is the main reasons why companies engage in the act of outsourcing some parts of their services. In the case of marketing, the cost of outsourcing to a marketing agency will be far lower than hiring marketers to do in-house marketing for you.

Apart from the cost of hiring and maintaining in-house marketers, some other resources that the agency needs to give you a good result are already available. If you have to do it yourself, you have to acquire these resources at extra cost. Imagine what that will cost you.

It is faster: Outsourcing marketing will get the job done for you faster than if you decide to personally handle it. This is due to the need to probably hire and train people to do that. If you outsource, the agency will have already put in place well-trained individuals to market for you. The time and money you will expend training new recruits can better be used to handle some important aspects of the production.

Experts at work: If you want your product to be marketed by experts, the ideal decision is to outsource. The outsourcing agency already has well-qualified marketers with wealth of experience to take on the job of taking your product to all the four corners of the world. They will be able to use their experience to navigate through difficult terrains to deliver for you. You may not have such luxury.

No marketing experiment: Instead of engaging in marketing experiments to know who wants what and who don’t, the agency probably have individual marketers who have the knowledge about issues like that. If you have this type of people at your disposal, you will never have the reason for searching the world blindly looking for customers to patronize your product. Your experiment may fail due to lack of experience.


Outsourcing marketing has a lot of advantages that make it appealing to manufacturers and business people. If you really want to get your business ideas or product out there to the people at a reasonable cost, outsourcing is the best option for you. It will get the job done for you faster and better.

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