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A wireless technology to improve driving

The increasing rate of auto accidents and the number of lives it claims annually has made it a necessity to find a permanent solution to this silent killer. It is not a surprise, therefore, when technologists and automakers came with the solution to this menace.

The solution is a car-to-car communication technology that makes it possible for cars to announce their position, brake status, speed, and other important data to the vehicles that are some meters away from them. The other cars that receive such information can process it to predict the possible problems and make plans to avoid them.

Although some cars have sensors that they use to detect incoming vehicles and obstacles, their range is limited and they can see anything behind an obstruction.

When the idea of self-driving cars was introduced a couple of years ago, people saw it as the solution to the perennial accidents in the world. This concept is handicapped by poor weather, unexpected circumstances, and driving through cities with high traffic.

Unlike the two previous suggestions that failed to address the issue of accidents, this is a welcome development at reducing road accidents and untimely deaths associated with them.  To have a better and wider acceptability, the manufacturing company should consider outsourcing some of the jobs to some other companies that have the ability to handle it. Why is outsourcing necessary?

Importance of outsourcing

Faster services: Outsourcing will make it easier for the company producing this device to reach people in different parts of the world faster. This is possible because the time that should have been spent to export the device from one country to another will be eliminated due to outsourcing. Vehicle owners will have easy access to the device in their locality if it is outsourced to investors in their locality.

Better services: One of the advantages of outsourcing is that it will guarantee that people get better services, because the company handling the outsourced product will do everything within its capacity to ensure that people get value for their money.

It helps you to leverage time zone: Different parts of the world are in different time zones. This can be used to get a round-the-world service. When you are about to turn in for the day, others in other time zones will be working. The result is that you will wake up to see that much of the job has been done by others. This makes your work faster and easier too.

It can help to save cost on technology and infrastructure: The technology and infrastructure needed will be provided by the partner that it is outsourced to. This will take the stress of the outsourcing company.

In view of the facts above, it is in the interest of the company to outsource the production of this car-to-car communication device to partners who can handle it. This will make it easier to be available in many parts of the world as soon as possible.

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