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We all do some running around every day, expending energy in the process. Sometimes, we feel that the energy expended is not retractable. How we always wish that the energy can be used for something else.

Thanks to nPowerPEG, you can now get back the energy that you expended during your daily activities and convert it to a more useful purpose. The company has come out with a battery charger that can get back your energy and use it to charge other devices. This battery charger is produced by Tremont Electric of Cleveland. It is used to collect the energy that a person expends during all his or her movements in a day. The battery charger now uses this kinetic energy for charging mobile devices like phones or iPods.

This device is a very good innovation as it will help individuals to be able to recycle their expended energies and make good use of them. However, the use of this device can be limited because of the challenges of availability, especially in third world countries. To overcome this challenge, the company may consider outsourcing the production and sales of this device. Why?

The need for outsourcing

As I earlier said, there may be some production and marketing issues in the third world countries for this device. This is due to the bad road networks in most of the countries of the third world with the exception of one or two countries. If the production and marketing of this device are outsourced to locals who have the financial power to produce and market it, it will be a very good decision for the following reasons:

  • It is cost-effective: The cost of exporting them to these countries will be reduced. This is due to the lower wage rates in these countries. By outsourcing the job, there will be about 40% reduction in the cost of production. If such happens, the absence of this extra cost can be used to reduce the cost o acquiring this device.
  • It increases coverage and awareness: The rural areas where people do a lot of walking will be easily accessed by the locals who have the knowledge of the terrains here. This will result in wider coverage and awareness which may not be possible if the job is not outsourced.
  • It makes assistance easier: In case of accidental damage, there will be locals to help individuals repair them. The availability or non-availability of customer service is one of the factors that people consider before they decide whether to patronize a product or not.
  • It increases efficiency: if you outsource to competent partners, they will bring their wealth of experience to bear on the product. This will help use this experience to overcome potential challenges that are peculiar to their areas to assure the success of the product. The overall effect of this is increased efficiency and productivity, something that may be a mirage for the manufacturer if the product is not outsourced.

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