Outsourcing Company – News: Even The Giant Tech Company, Apple, Is Using the Top Outsourcing Locations

While some companies are still considering whether or not to adopt the business solution called outsourcing, Big players such as Apple, are increasingly hiring outsourcing company and providers in the top offshore outsourcing locations to save time, minimize production cost, and more importantly, quicken their entry time to the market. As a result, they have been able to meet with the dense demand for their products by their customers all over the world.

While Apple’s iPhone is designed in California, the manufacturing is quickened through outsourcing.

The giant in the gadget world, Apple, prides itself for crafting intuitive and pleasing experiences to their tons of customers all over the world, through elegant, sleek, yet simple products.

As the company announced the introduction of new lines of their iPhone series – the 5S and 5C, Apple intends to get additional market share, especially with the less expensive 5C model targeted at price-conscious consumers. The company also intends to retain their loyal customers with the 5S, since many of these loyal customers are set to upgrade.

According to the information gathered, “Apple designs its products in California, but the tech giant leverages outsourcing to get tons of thousands of its manufacturing jobs done. And, the top outsourcing locations used for this task include China, Mongolia, Taiwan and Korea”.

Well, the information source states that Apple only leverages outsourcing company in these offshore locations to save time, not cost. The information reads; “The No.1 reason to outsource is FAST, not CHEAP labor.” The truth is, Apple is indirectly achieving huge cost saving by choosing to outsource tons of thousands of its manufacturing tasks. The fact is, it’s almost impossible to leverage outsourcing without achieving significant cost savings, especially for such bulk job outsourcing.

Lessons From Apple’s Outsourcing Moves

  • Outsourcing Saves Time: It has been said over and again that outsourcing is one of the best ways to save time in the business world. Apple focuses on its core task which is the design of their products, while allowing a specialist third party to handle the time-consuming manufacturing aspect.
  • Outsourcing Hastens Delivery Time: Since third parties are involved in the production of Apple products, the time it takes for the products to hit the market is greatly reduced, giving the company ample time to gain a larger share of the market before their competitors flood the market.
  • Outsourcing Saves Cost: While Apple said its purpose of leveraging outsourcing company is to save time and not cost, it also achieves cost saving indirectly. For small and medium businesses, cost saving is the major priority for using outsourcing services.
    The bottom line is; you should join the bandwagon of companies and businesses using outsourcing solution.

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