Outsourced Marketing: How Exactly Does It Work?

Outsourced marketing is a great way to make the load of company and business owners lighter. Business owners and managers are getting busier by the day with other aspects of running the affairs of the company. Even the employees are not left out in this busy-bee trend. Consequently, the major aspect (marketing) that brings in income is not getting the due attention that it requires.

Why Adopt Outsourced Marketing Strategy?

Besides the busy schedules of business owners, managers and employees, marketing practices (e.g. emails, social media, and display ads) across varieties of channels are changing by the day. So, instead of spending heavily on training and necessary tools for adapting to the new changes, companies are rather opting for the smarter and less expensive solution called outsourced marketing.

A recent study on the adoption of marketing outsourcing by companies revealed that the number of businesses and organizations leveraging outsourcing as a major marketing solution doubled in 2011, and has even risen more in 2015. This points to one thing; more and more businesses are discovering that it pays better to leverage outsourcing in executing their marketing campaigns and processes than to train and keep re-training in-house staff for the task.

Another major reason to outsource marketing is because the option is particularly beneficial for companies that only employ a small-size in-house marketing team.

These companies do not want to incur more overhead cost by hiring a large marketing team. Therefore, they opt for the rather cost-effective outsourcing technique to dedicate steady effort to their email marketing, website promotion, social media marketing, and newsletter marketing strategy.

The outcome of this smart choice includes leveraging up-to-date marketing techniques without spending extra money on the relevant tools and required trainings. Also, outsourced marketing solution provides competitive advantage since the company will eventually launch its product or extended product line faster than the competitors who are using the limited number of in-house employees and tools to execute their marketing campaigns.

Additionally, when you opt to outsource marketing in place of hiring a marketing team in-house, you will pay only for the marketing services that you need and when you need them. For instance, if you only need to do re-designs once every three months, it will be waste of money hiring a full-time employee for this task.

How to Ensure the Best Possible Outcome

However, to ensure that you reap all those benefits that outsource marketing offers, you should adopt the following steps;

  • Hire an outsourcing provider that specializes on marketing and sales
  • Ensure that the provider is vast. For instance, does he or she leverage proven vast strategies such as social media marketing, email marketing, banner ads and other marketing techniques?
  • Request for references of previous tasks accomplished

Finally, adopt standard procedure when hiring an outsourced marketing provider.

Daven Michaels is a New York Times Best Selling Author and CEO of premiere global outsourcing company, 123Employee. The company employs hundreds of young bright individuals on three continents. His International event, Beyond Marketing Live! inspires entrepreneurs build & grow their business with revolutionary new theories and systems allowing them to design the business and personal lifestyle of their dreams.

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