Outsourced Administrative Services – What to Look Out for in an Outsourcing Provider

Leveraging outsourced administrative services helps to free the professional staff of a company from the day-to-day business functions, so that they can concentrate on performing their professional duties more effectively. Administrative functions such as computer records and paperwork can be time-consuming, which is the reason why more companies are opting to outsource such functions to third party providers instead.

However, before you outsource the admin duties of your business or company to an outsourcing company, you should know what to look out for in a provider. Also, you should be generally thorough in the entire selection process.

First, Determine the Administrative Task You Need to Outsource

Day-to-Day Admin Tasks: You need to pinpoint the administrative tasks you want to outsource before stepping out to interview potential outsourced administrative services providers. Typical examples of administrative tasks or functions include day-to-day responsibilities such as scheduling appointments, arranging meetings, editing correspondence, keeping the office calendar, and answering phone calls.

Also, administrative assistants help to perform other office functions such as maintaining business databases and files, creating presentations and preparing spreadsheets. They may also be responsible for purchasing supplies as well as managing the supply store.

Customer Service Tasks: Office assistants may also undertake customer service duties such as receiving office visitors and ensuring that such visitors are well attended to in terms of their needs.

Additional Duties: Other admin duties that a company or business may want to outsource include preparation of legal documents, and billing. However, these additional duties would depend on the type of company or organization involved.

Knowledge and Skills to Look Out For

As mentioned earlier, before stepping out to leverage outsourced administrative services, you should know what to look out for in terms of skills and knowledge, after determining or pinpointing the administrative functions you need outsourced.

When it comes to the knowledge and skills you should look out for in a potential outsourcing provider, organizational ability is very essential since the primary administrative task is office records maintenance and appointments/meetings scheduling.

In addition, you should ensure that the potential administration outsourcing provider is skillful when it comes to both spoken and written English. Also, ability to use the computer and internet is a big plus when looking for a suitable outsourcing provider for the task.

Generally, administrative functions require proficiency and efficiency in using office equipment such as photocopiers, computers, faxes, telephone systems, as well as videoconferencing equipment. Also, depending on the type of company, business or industry involved, administrative assistants need to be proficient with computer programs such as word processing software, email, spreadsheet and database.

Finally, you should also ensure that the potential outsourced administrative services provider possesses relevant qualifications such as high school diploma (minimum), certifications in relevant computer programs, as well as additional training in English language (both spoken and written).

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