Outsource Philippines – Can a Company Outsource Just any Business Function?

It has been said over and again that a company can outsource just any business function. Outsource Philippines services cover all aspects of business functions. However, there should be a justifiable reason for outsourcing a particular business function. Such reasons include significant cost-saving, access to enhanced expertise and performance, risk sharing, tax benefits and others. Generally, if a company can get better by outsourcing, this is justifiable.

Here are lists of outsource-able business functions (just a few);

Distribution Function

A company’s product distribution is worth outsourcing, especially when the company is targeting the global market. Offshore distributors will help spread an organization’s tentacle and speed up product distribution to the targeted parts of the world.  However, to achieve cost-effectiveness with distribution outsourcing, substantial volume of commerce must be recorded periodically, let’s say on a monthly basis.

IT Support

Usually, when considering outsource Philippines vendor or vendors from other offshore locations such as India, IT support need is always the driving force. It is increasingly becoming cost effective as well as efficient to outsource information technology needs of an organization. The IT areas outsourced are usually the ones lacking internal-expertise or efficiency. They include Desk Top Support, Help Desk Operations, Network Management, Software Development, Telecommunications, Hardware Support and more.

Highly Specialized Business Functions

These include Project Management, Construction/Contracting and Engineering. There’s usually cost efficiency benefit in outsourcing these specialized functions. Also, access to large pool of talents is one of the top benefits of outsourcing highly specialized business functions.

Accounting/ Financial Functions

There are endless opportunities in this area. There are huge finance and accounting experts waiting to help you prepare financial statements, process your payroll, perform general and legal billing functions, including other finance-related roles. The advantages accruing from outsourcing accounting/financial function include performance efficiency and cost saving.

Human Resource Function

Most outsource Philippines vendors specialize in human resource management. This is also true about other top offshore outsourcing locations. With the huge paper work required to manage recruitment, retrenchment and employees administration, outsourcing a company’s HR duties could be a worthwhile business decision.

Call Center Outsourcing

Call center outsourcing is very popular, especially with companies that manufacture or distribute technically inclined products. An offshore call center can be established to handle routine customer support calls. This will also enable existing employees to pay more attention to the organization’s pressing issues.


The secretarial functions of an organization can also be outsourced. In fact, you will find huge and competitive opportunities in this aspect of outsourcing. Tasks such as legal notes that require conversion into written words can be outsourced.

These and more business functions are covered by outsource Philippines vendors, as well as vendors from India, China, Malaysia and other offshore locations.

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