Sample Questions

Liz Ortiz, Public Relations
T: 323.942.9330

  • So Daven- Why do you feel outsourcing is so important for entrepreneurs and business owners in todays economy? (60seconds)
  • OK, so I have to ask you, how did you get involved with outsourcing? (Answer takes 90 seconds)
  • What kind of tasks can outsourced virtual employees do for business owners? (60 seconds)
  • Do you really think hiring virtual employees can help business owners save time and money? (90 seconds)
  • In your new book ‘Outsource Smart’ you mention using Virtual Employees to help with marketing and social media, how do they do that? (60 seconds)
  • Should someone who has just started their business consider using virtual employees? (60 seconds)
  • What kind of education do overseas ‘virtual assistants’ have? (90 seconds)
  • Just how much money can an employer save by staffing overseas? (90 seconds)
  • How the heck do you train your staff overseas? (60 seconds)
  • It must be difficult to monitor and manage your employees when they are thousands of miles away? (90 seconds)
  • Can employees overseas be trusted? Will they show up on time? What’s the attrition rate? (60 seconds)
  • How can you qualify an overseas employee when they are an ocean away? (90 seconds)
  • What about their accents? I don’t know about you, but when I call a company and hear an Indian accent I hang up. (60 seconds)
  • Daven, there are a lot of people that would say outsourcing is ‘un-American’, what do you say to that? (90 seconds)
  • There are many places where people can outsource to, how does someone choose where to hire their overseas staff? (60 seconds)

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