Effective Habits for Entrepreneurs

Effective Habits for EntrepreneursEntrepreneurs come in many different makes and models. Not all of them have the same strengths, or the same interests, or the same sets of talents and experiences. However, if you talk to enough entrepreneurs, you will see that many of them share common traits that make them more apt to be successful as entrepreneurs. They do things a little bit differently than most other workers in this economy, and this allows them to succeed in novel and unorthodox ways. Keep reading for a rundown of some of the most common habits to be found in today’s entrepreneurs.

Be an Idea Person

The most important part of an entrepreneur’s job is having good ideas. These ideas have to be big, like concepts for new ventures, and small, like ideas on how to implement and publicize new services. But the fundamental job of an entrepreneur is to generate ideas. Everything else can be delegated to subordinates and contractors, but without ideas, the entrepreneur is lost. To make sure you capture and remember all of your good ideas, carry a writing pad or smartphone with you at all times. Whenever something good comes to mind, pause and write it down. And every once in a while, look back over your notes and see if there is some idea that you wrote down but haven’t yet implemented. If so, put that idea into action!

Make Connections

No business is an island unto itself. To succeed, you will need to have contacts in other businesses and throughout the wider community. So make sure that whenever you are around someone who could help your business, you introduce yourself, get their contact information, and make a good impression. Share with them some new ideas you have for your business (or theirs), compliment something about their operations, or simply say you would like to meet again and discuss mutually beneficial ideas further. Connections like these may not pay off right away, but if you make enough of them, then over time some of them may prove to be extremely valuable to you and your business. So always be on the lookout for people to meet and opportunities to connect.

Be a Person of Action

Above all, you have to be a doer, not simply a thinker or a planner. Many people will have ideas for businesses, but only a small minority will ever manage to implement those ideas in the real world. If you have trouble following through on ideas you have, read a book on productivity, attend a motivational seminar, find a business partner who can push you to work harder, and remove all temptations to procrastinate from your environment. Entrepreneurs succeed because they are highly self-motivated and don’t waste time day dreaming or thinking about things they never do. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur yourself, you’ll have to get past the “dreaming” stage and move on to acting and doing.

A big problem associated with open-ended projects or open-ended job descriptions is that the employees don’t know exactly what to do, so they have to waste time figuring out what their roles actually are. Sometimes they’ll have to go to other employees and ask what’s already been accomplished; other times they’ll have to go through files to ensure they aren’t duplicating someone else’s work. In either case, time is wasted. As the boss, you know better than anyone else what each employee should be doing. Spell it out for them and make sure they all understand their responsibilities. Too often, confused employees simply do nothing or procrastinate out of a fear that they might decide on the wrong task. Don’t let that happen: Make sure they know what is expected of them, and watch your team’s productivity soar.


Author: Daven Michaels

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