Daven Michaels, Founder of 123Employee, is living proof of the American dream. An entrepreneur since age 15, Michaels expertise includes roles as a best-selling author, music and television producer, speaker, and founder of 123Employee. His success comes from understanding that in the era of internet business you need never be “the little guy”.

Michaels advocates for entrepreneurs, small-business owners and large corporations showing them how they can flourish by using communications technology to give them a competitive advantage. At the heart of 123Employee is the conviction that good business means business that is good for people: good for entrepreneurs, good for outsourced employees, and ultimately good for their customers.

In his book ‘Outsource This: Your Complete Resource to the World of Global Outsourcing’ Michaels shares the secrets to successful outsourcing that driven his success, and made him an in-demand speaker for conferences, businesses, radio and television shows across North America. His expertise in hiring, managing and using outsourced employees shows you how to grow your business and be confident you have the resources you need to compete in the 21st century marketplace.